Our Clients

More than 5,400 brands such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, General Motors and Mercedes-Benz have used Focus for ad placement. 81 out of Kantar Media's BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands such as Alibaba, Tencent, JD.com, Didi and Mengniu advertise through Focus.
In May 2017, Focus received the prestigious New York Festivals (NYF) China Brand Communication Award. In August 2017, Focus Media won the Ad Stars Innovative Digital Media Award in Busan. In October 2017, Focus took home the London International Awards (LIA) Effective Media Award. In November 2017, the China Advertising Association presented Focus with the 2017 Chinese Advertisers International Contribution Award. In May 2018, Focus won the NYF's Top Valuable Media Award for its media impact on the new middle-class consumers in China. In October 2018, Focus won the LIA Marketing Innovation Award.

Adopted By 5400+ Global & Chinese Brands
  • "With 15 years of diligence and progress, Focus Media stands out as the first and best of its kind, and grows with high momentum as it leads China's out-of-home advertising industry."

    --- Liu Jun
    President, Lenovo China
  • "6 years ago, Clarins worked with Focus Media and The Voice of China in launching our Shaping Facial Lift Serum, a project that marks the beginning of Clarins' new marketing era in China. To this day, the case is still recognized as a best practice for skincare marketing."

    --- Zhong Xiaoming
    Executive President, Clarins China
  • "In just 15 years, Focus Media has established itself as a household name and pervasive presence that offers everyday touchpoints in Chinese urban resident's lives. I appreciate how Focus Media helps to expand McDonald's popularity in China."

    --- Zhang Yichen
    Chairman, McDonald's China
  • "With the uniqueness of high frequency and captive environment, Focus Media plays an important part in the brand building of Ajisen Ramen. We look forward to have a continuous and deeper collaboration with Focus Media in the near future."

    --- Pan Wei
    Chairman, Ajisen Ramen
  • "Bosideng has been focusing on down jackets for 45 years, and with the help of Focus Media, our brand’s influence and sales have reached a new peak."

    --- Gao Dekang
    Chairman, Bosideng
  • "Through Focus Media, Mengniu Youyi C is well known to more consumers and achieved rapid sales growth."

    --- Lu Minfang
    CEO, Mengniu
  • "Cooperating with Focus Media for 5 years, Feihe takes the lead in the industry and becomes the first in China."

    --- Leng Youbin
    Chairman, Feihe Dairy
  • "Focus Media is a marketing essential for mid-to high-end brands and products. Since we started working with Focus Media, sales volume of Qinghua Lang has surged -- practically doubled within just 6 months."

    --- Wang Junlin
    Chairman, Sichuan Langjiu
  • "Focus Media offers to brands by far the most efficient direct communications to high-income demographics. I would like to thank Focus Media for the huge branding support it has given Ele.me."

    --- Zhang Xuhao
    Founder, Ele.me
  • "With 15 years of miraculous growth, Focus Media has become the world’s No.1 inner-building and cinema pre-show advertising specialist that reaches 400 million high-income consumers in China by covering 2.5 million terminals in 250 cities."

    --- Charles Chao
    Chairman & CEO, Sina
  • "With its reach of 400 million high-income consumers in China, Focus Media offers huge support to Ctrip's branding initiatives."

    --- Jane Jie Sun
    CEO, Ctrip