Culture & Value

  • Passion --- As one of the largest players in China’s new media market, we are thirsty for excellence, so we must keep the entrepreneurial drive and give our best in everything we do. This relates to our original intention and relentless pursuit as a company. Setback, adversity, failure and frustration make up the ladder to our growth. Passion, courage, persistence, and dedication speak to our unyielding attitude.

  • Integrity --- Honesty is the foundation of what we do and how we interact with others. Trust is the common language of communication. We must treat others with sincerity,  think from customers’ perspective, and collaborate with trust. Integrity is the key to creating harmony and reinforcing a virtuous cycle.

  • Compliance --- We must ensure compliance through norms and encourage innovation through our processes. Through a fair, just and transparent management system, we inspire passion and potential in our people so that every diligent and dedicated employee could fuel our progress.

  • Win-win partnership --- We encourage inclusion, collaboration and sharing among our people and a service mentality towards our customers and partners. We seek common success among individual employees, the company and our customers. We prioritize service above all and strive for balanced and win-win outcomes of media value, social impact, employee growth and customer gains.