Focus Media

ESG Report

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  • Corporate Governance

    Focus Media operates in strict compliance with the Company Law, Securities Law and its Articles of Association (AoA), among other laws and regulations. During the reporting period, the BoD and its four committees, the BoS and Management discharged their responsibilities pursuant to the established procedures and protocols and ensured transparent, fair and unbiased decisions.

  • Human Capital Development

    Employees help create the corporate wealth and their hard work contribute to our growth. As such, the Company has an unshirkable responsibility to protect employee rights and interests. the Company developed a training system and talent development program to attract, motivate and inspire employees to develop diverse skills and become a highly proficient, creative, and cohesive team.

  • Customer Responsibility

    We operate in high honesty and integrity with honor and commitments. We have developed stable and strong business relations with our customers in the past 15 years. We fully respect and protect their legitimate rights and interests, and always put our customers first. We act in their best interest and with great empathy and strive to improve customer satisfaction. We are committed to show equal respect and care for each customer in practice and continue to raise the bar of service and provide customers with thoughtful and comprehensive services.

  • Shareholder Responsibility

    The Company's dividend policy focuses on giving back reasonable investment returns to shareholders and maintaining the continuity and stability of dividends. Based on the total share capital of 12,231,566,900 shares as at December 31st, 2017, the Company shall distribute RMB 1.00 (including tax) in cash dividend per 10 shares to all shareholders. Also from the capital reserves, 2 additional shares per 10 shares shall be allocated to existing shareholders.

  • Environmental Impact

    As the largest offline advertising company in China, we operate in a low-power and light-pollution industry, but we take environmental protection as ou responsibility nonetheless. We continue to run awareness-building campaign on energy conservation and emissions reduction to encourage employee action and incorporate green and clean practices into our corporate culture with everyone onboard.

  • Social Impact

    On the long yet heart-warm journey of doing good, we act as a guardian of dreams and a forerunner with concrete actions. So far, we have set up charitable programs such as education for rural children and relief for orphans and children affected by extreme poverty or critical illnesses in addition to publicity campaigns.
    In 2017, we made a grant of RMB 5 million to the Ai You Foundation for the Ai You Reborn project for sick orphans. So far, we have accumulatively donated over RMB 50 million to the Ai You Foundation and deployed tens of millions worth of media resources to direct more attention and resources to children’s causes.

  • Inspired by the Italian Movie “Cinema Paradiso”, Focus Media’s subsidiary Focus Film launched the CSR Project with the hundred-year French outdoor fashion brand Lafuma in June 2018. The project set its first base in Wayaoben Village, an original Tajiks community by the west border of China. With film screening facilities under a removable tent, the project offers local residents the unprecedented opportunity to enjoy movies and explore different cultures.