The Evolution of Focus Media LCD TV Display

During the past 19 years, we never cease to pursue better technology so as to deliver compelling advertising content. In 2003, we launched the very 1st generation of LCD display enabled by DVD player, and the last decade has witnessed on-going optimization of our advertising display. Internally, contents were displayed in a smarter way evolving from playing DVD to read compact memory card, and now by 4G Internet Push; Externally, our products became more attractive to eyeballs with bigger, clearer, and thinner screens.

Mainstream Demographics / High Exposure / Low-Interference

Mainstream Demographics: Focus Media’s advertisements are managing to reach wealthier consumers with 70% of average monthly income of $1500 age of 25-45.

Active Consumers
Consumer Breakdown

High Exposure: Consumers on average watches 16 mins of video ads per day of which TV ad 32%, online ad 24%, and Elevator ad 19%.

Low-Interference: Mobile phone is the No.1 distraction of attention from advertising, but elevator is the least affected. Online ads are detract consumer’s attention and attract strong rejection. Public media appear only during wait/leisure time and are considered a source of information, which attracts less rejection and makes stronger impression.