Target Young Fashionable Moviegoers with Strong Purchasing Power

Focusfilm targets the young, fashionable movie-goers aged between 20 and 40. Moviegoing is central to their entertainment life and is often complemented by actual or window shopping. As such, movie-goers are also a big group of consumers in the city.

Stunning Audiovisual Effects with Immersive Story Telling

The cinema screen is huge and the acoustics are superb. In a pitch-black environment, pre-screening ads with outstanding audiovisuals and stunning experiences can effectively communicate the extraordinary class and stature of a brand.

Compelling Effect with Full Attention & High Reach

A movie theater has few distractions. Viewing is mandatory. Stunning sound effect allows the limited number of pre-screening ads to capture the highest possible attention and instill the longest possible memory. Surveys suggest the recall rate on movie theater advertising is five times higher than TV advertising.

Pre-screening ads on a movie screen significantly outperform other video formats. Pre-screening ads have significantly bigger impact than other like media. The feedback from target audience is overwhelming positive in terms of audio-visual experience, audience receptiveness and influence on brand recognition and purchase decision.